Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

First post of 2010.

Didn't mean to be so quiet, but been kind of absorbed ... getting back into the work routine, had a New Year's Day wedding and a late-night gig the following evening. Wearing many hats. Looking forward to the resumption of my TV shows because there's nothing like mindless zoning out to help recharge the batteries.

Finished "Miles Errant" - an omnibus from Lois McMaster Bujold. Just fantastic. Now to get my hands on the next book ... it lies lonely and solo between this omnibus and the next.

Writing-wise, I spent most of this week working on what turned out to be a very long story - about 10k. I have the nagging feeling way too much of it is pure setup, though it's necessary to the course of events. I also realized that there are some things I'm just not comfortable writing ... I could feel myself twitching and turning my phrases to be as oblique as possible. I ended up setting the story in a world I'd used before - not a world I'd designed, but one that came up in writing the first story and seemed to fit this one pretty well.

Typed "Chapter Thirty" last night in Scylla and Charybdis. Anaea just got pinned as an imposter ... the story should take a wild leap forward from here.

Planning to edit my "worst day of work" short story for an anthology entitled "Music For Another World." Throw together a wedding that was a nightmare to prepare for and play with the idea of ghost brides and ... well, let's hope they'll buy it so people get to see. ;-)


Aubrie said...

My brother got married on New Year's Eve and I played for his wedding! I didn't think many people got married this time of year, but I guess they do!

My story was rejected from Music for Another World. Good luck with yours. It has to be "intellectual" if you know what that means??? I thought mine was, but oh well.

Lindsey Duncan said...

I think it's a cool time to have a ceremony ... as long as you don't have your heart set on a strapless gown. ;-)

It's hard to tell ... editors mean so many different things with that term. I'm not sure mine is, either - but it's worth a try.

If by intellectual they mean thought-provoking and debate-driven, that's not going to be anything I write, alas. I'm a popcorn writer at heart.

Aubrie said...

My writing is popcorn as well!! That's funny. As for the strapless gown, I went with a velvet coat instead. brrrr

Lindsey Duncan said...

So if you write something sugary sweet, does that make it candy corn?

If it's flattering to the subject, does that make it butter popcorn?

And if it's about a famine, does that make it low fat?

Phoebe North said...

Holy shoestrings, batman!

Hi Lindsey. This is Phoebe, from Starshine. I was idle-googling at work and stumbled across your blog and am so, so happy to see you're still writing professionally. You've got some great publication credits! A publication from GUD! I feel a weird swell of pride (weird because it's been about a decade?) and I look forward to reading it and following your blog.

Lindsey Duncan said...

... woah! Hi! What's going on? (Email to if you don't want to post.)

Speaking of weird, when I saw a "Phoebe" had left a comment, you immediately sprung to mind.

And thanks. :-) I keep pluggin' away.