Sunday, July 05, 2009


The title of this post is the title of the story I just finished. Because I want to delve into the monthly challenge (and hopefully another challenge) soon, I resolved to finish it, and did so yesterday ... well after 3am.

I knew the flashbacks would make it longer, but I wasn't aware how long that would be. The completed length of the story currently is about 8,600 words. It turned out that I used several points from my idea exercise, though I dropped a few. For instance, I had given my MC a necklace from an old lover she claimed was her daughter's father; in the story, I never used the necklace and the issue of the other half of her daughter's parentage is only brushed past.

I'm not totally sure of the strength of the story. I used vessels that trapped spirits could be placed into to be reborn - but how satisfying is it to be given a limited, artificial body? A reader has to believe this is worth doing, or the motive of the narrative begins to fall apart in multiple places.

One part I am very pleased with is that you don't discover until a third of the way through the story why, exactly, Nariv needs to reclaim her sword so desperately. The mystery falls into place through the flashbacks. I hope it creates dual lines of tension instead of diffusing it.

I continue to have a horrible time writing the last few paragraphs of a story. I'm never quite sure precisely where to break and how to finish on a sentence that creates a strong conclusion. I don't remember always having this problem; it seems to have developed. Maybe I'm more picky? Hope so, as the alternative is I'm getting worse ...


bettielee said...

That's not unusual! You should be picky. And the ending isn't easier than any other part of it. Give it a marinate, and wait how you feel when you read it again.


Lindsey Duncan said...

Yep, I figure when I come back to edit it, I'll chip away at the ending. I don't figure I'll restructure it entirely - I'm happy with the where now - but the phrasing might get a hatchet-job.

Merc said...

Oh, I think being picky over the ending is normal and explains much. ;)

Unless I go into a story knowing how I want to end it (I mean, the exact closing sentence--it has happened a few times, the last line being the first thing that comes to me), much agonizing of wording ensues when I reach the close.

Plus, all sins can be fixed in revisions. O:)