Saturday, November 03, 2007


When, at about mid-day yesterday, I had only written about 800 words, I decided that perhaps Nanowrimo wasn't in the stars for me this year. Well, I missed it last year and I'm badly out of practice with long spates of writing so ... last night happened.

Three thousand words later, I'm only a little over one thousand words in the hole for today - that's all I need to accomplish to be "on schedule" - and the novel is clear before me ... at least, until I hit the POV change after chapter four. Then the story goes into journal mode (at which point it starts *earning* the title "Journal of the Dead") and ... we shall see.

I'm very psyched about this. I've been planning to work on this novel since the spring, when I finished Flow. Second edit for that project is due after the Nano period - I don't honestly expect to finish this work by then, as I don't know where it's going as of yet and, with several interwoven "substories" planned in the back of my head, it's not going to be short. 100 - 120 thousand is not unreasonable as a vague estimate.

Now if only I hadn't been awakened by drilling at 8am.

Who has construction work done in a residential area at 8am on a Saturday morning?

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