Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I think someone has a bit of sunblindness.

Yes, that is my mother. Yes, she will probably kill me if she knows I posted a picture of her on the web.
This look used to mean, "Hey. Stop ignoring me and the ball and play with me." (PS: Those are not my mother's legs.)

Dog. Parents. Dessert.

This is definitely the "I got away with something!" look.

I don't know how I caught her in exactly this pose, I really don't.

For comparison purposes, a picture about two years ago when the floor was torn up for remodeling. She looks vexed.

The fierce white wolf dozes. (PS: Those are also not my mother's feet.)

Her highness reclines.

"I'm on the move
I'm gettin' on
I'm breakin' out
And it won't take long
Behind the wheel
Got a song
Pedal's down
And I'm gone ..." --- Cadillac Car (Dreamgirls)

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