Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Character Creation

Here's a short exercise excerpt wherein two individuals have to discuss creating a fictional character for a shared story. Wait a second ... that used to be my life ... anyhow, I was kind of tickled by the idea of fantasy characters writing what would be - for them - science fiction, though it didn't play much of a role in the excerpt:

“There’s no magic in this world we’re creating,” Isemar said thoughtfully.

Aeliam rolled his eyes. “We can’t do that,” he said. “No one would believe it.”

“It could happen,” she said. “Janel could be a researcher of ancient magic traditions -”

“How would people travel from place to place? How would they name their children?” He raked her with a superior look. “You have to think about these things when you’re worldbuilding, you know.”

The two youths sat on a dock in Pelindar city with their lunch spread before them, watching sailors unload one of the mighty merchant ships. Isemar was as sturdy and dark as Aeliam was light and lean.

“The same way we named her,” Isemar replied.

“By committee?”

“Well, why not?” She kicked her feet over the edge. “So we decided she just now turned twenty.”

“She ran away from an arranged marriage and her family won’t speak to her,” Aeliam elaborated.

She made a face. “But she’s a very sensible person.”

“Sensible doesn’t mean you don’t believe in love. I think a healer has to believe in love.”

“She has to believe in suffering, too,” Isemar countered. “Anyone who sees the poor and the sick knows how the wrong decisions often turn out. She can see the result of any decision she might make before her – she treats the court, too.”

“So she feels trapped.” He folded his arms stubbornly. “Who wouldn’t shrink away from another set of limits on her spirit?”

She heaved a sigh, but did not respond right away. “So her best friends are the priest – who of course believes in the institution of marriage and probably isn’t much a friend at all if -”

“But he likes her,” Aeliam insisted. “Maybe she even gives him a sort of crisis of faith.”

“You mean he’s in love with her, too? And that’s why he won’t shun her, even though the rest of the community does?”

“Ha,” he said triumphantly. “Got you.”

“The rest of the community would, then,” she amended with a severe look. “I do like that, though.”

“She also is close to the captain of the guard,” Aeliam continued, consulting his mental blackboard.

Isemar tapped her fingers together. “There could be a very interesting contrast if they were fighting over her, the sword and the soul.”

“Gah! No. She loves him like a brother. That would be wrong.” He grinned at her. “Just like I love you, natterbrain.”

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