Sunday, February 26, 2017

Song Styles

Most of the time, when I attach music to characters, it happens after their creation.  Sometimes it's the last entry on my character profiles; sometimes it happens months or years later, often spontaneously as I stumble across just the right song.

However, sometimes a particular tune is so evocative that it suggests a character in my mind.  I come up with a lot of my concepts through a collision of two unrelated ideas, so I have a character in my files who resulted from the dual inspiration of these two high octane songs:

13 Little Dolls - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
America's Sweetheart - Elle King
(This is one of those where this is the first I'm seeing the music video.  Roller-skating, huh?)

The character who resulted is a blunt, impulsive frontier girl who inherited her family's set of old-world sorcerous dolls ... totally unaware of their powers and with no idea how to use them.  Each was crafted by a different ancestor, reflecting a different time period and often area of the world ... so that gives me a lot of room to explore the worldbuilding without bonking people over the head of it.

Does she has a story (or even a name)?  Not yet ...

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